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LPI provides an extensive range of earthing products for the installation of a low impedance earthing system. Whether you are installing a dedicated lightning earth or a facility earth grid it is essential to ensure personnel safety and provide an effective earth which will limit disruptions to services.

Earth Rods and Accessories
LPI offers a range of earthing products and accessories as part of its packaged solution for the complete approach to lightning protection. The LPI range
includes a complete selection of copper bonded steel earth rods, clamps,
tapes, braids and pre-engineered ground grids and meshes.
Contact LPI or an authorised representative for details on the full range of earth rods and accessories. LPI offers a selection of earth enhancing compounds for the treatment of soil in and around an earthing system to reduce the soil resistivity and lower ground impedance.
Ground Resistance Improvement Powder (GRIP) is supplied in 10 kg and 40 kg
kits and is particularly effective in difficult sites such as sandy soils and rocky
ground. LPI RESLO is an economical treatment compound which is supplied in 20
kg bags and is best suited to sites where excessive soil resistivity is not
considered a problem.

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