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Spark Gap Based Surge Filters (125A-1750A)

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09 / 03 / 2020
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Detail Spark Gap Based Surge Filters (125A-1750A)

Surge Filter I SF I Series Type Arrester I untuk beban lebih dari 125 A

• High performance surge protector for an operating voltage of 220 - 277Vac
• Encapsulated spark gap and SS480 technology capable of operation under fault /overvoltage conditions up to
• Three stage protection provides highest level of protection for sensitive electronic equipment
Designed to suit TT, TN-C, TN-S & TN-C-S distribution systems
• Ferro cored inductors – dv/dt and di/dt of the incoming surge will be reduced by
1000 times
• Primary (50kA 10/350μs, 135kA 8/20μs) and secondary (40kA 8/20μs)
surge protection. (NOTE: For 800A and above, Primary protection is 110kA
• High N - E protection rating– 100kA 10/350μs, 150kA 8/20μs
• LED Indication, Remote Alarm Contacts, MOV Status Indication and
Optional Surge Counter

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