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Earth Rods And Acsessories

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13 / 02 / 2020
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Detail Earth Rods And Acsessories

LPI offers three types of direct strike protection systems, which include the full package of air terminals and accessories. LPI Guardian System 5 provides a purpose-designed package for direct lightning protection. The Guardian System 5 has been tested in compliance to IEC Test Standard: IEC 60-1:1989.The LPI Stormaster ESE range of terminals provides a safe and efficient system for the protection of your facility from direct lightning strikes. The Stormaster ESE range of terminals have been fully tested in accordance with NF C 17-102 in a high voltage laboratory.In Addition LPI also offers conventional lightning protection system which complies to International Standards such as IEC 62305, BS EN 62305 and AS/NZ 1768.

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